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Support for Water Utility Key Workers during Covid 19 Pandemic.

Globally we are experiencing a time of unprecedented change and challenge to every aspect of our personal and business lives.

The UK Government’s announcement on Key Workers, which require our support, identified those working in the Utility sector as a priority.

Like all businesses water companies will be faced with front-line resource issues as workers become infected or have to self-isolate due to infections in their household or family. The need to keep delivering clean and wastewater services with a reduced workforce will lead to strategic, operational and tactical challenges for all UK water companies.

In challenging times businesses, which work in the Utilities supply chain, have to pull together to come up with creative solutions to support the sector. Sopra Steria, in partnership with SmartValve™, have agreed a packaged support offering for all UK water companies to help the delivery of front-line services.

Our innovative SmartValve™ app manages and monitors all manual valve operations on a water distribution network. During business as usual operations technicians would use the app to record their daily activities to evidence that valves have been operated and to an agreed calm network standard. The app allows valve operations to be set up with step by step instructions for the operator which, if followed, ensures the valve has been turned correctly.

This level of functionality means valves can be operated by water company employees or contractors who don’t necessarily have specific skills and experience in valve operations. The intelligence sits within the SmartValve™ app itself and all turns are monitored in real-time by the tactical operations team back at operational control. Access to this information is web-based so it can be delivered securely to any location.

By deploying the SmartValve™ app it will allow water companies to distribute their front-line teams in the most appropriate manner safe in the knowledge that valve operations can be carried out safely by contractors or other water company employees. Ensuring this level of quality and continuity is essential to protect the network from short, medium and long-term damage which would further exacerbate the challenges in AMP7.

Sopra Steria and SmartValve™ are offering a 3 month managed service trial period to support water companies during this difficult time. The ongoing provision of clean and wastewater services is essential to everyday life in the UK. Deploying SmartValve™ at this critical time enables water companies to focus and prioritise their front-line activities whilst ensuring the water distribution network remains calm. Supporting this goal will mean households, businesses and the public sector can continue to operate during this period of unprecedented change.

SmartValve managed service

We are offering SmartValve™ for a trial period of three months, with the option to roll this forward depending on the scale of the issues still presenting themselves at this time.

Deployment of SmartValve™ can be achieved in very little time and with a minimum input required from the water company. The app is freely available to download from the App Store or Google Play and new water company clients can be set-up on our highly secure web app platform in less than a day. To achieve this all we require is a valve asset list and the named users who will be accessing the app and web app. Our experienced team will manage the entire set-up process as part of the offer.

Using the app and web app are really simple and intuitive and all training can be carried out online. We will provide full technical and operational support during the three months and can advise on how to access and interpret the data collected.

Immediate benefits of implementing SmartValve

Implementing SmartValve™ offers water companies a host of benefits, however in this time of crisis the immediate benefits are:

  • The ability to distribute valve operations from operational control (or any location with web access) to any worker using the SmartValve App
  • Ensure valve operations take place in a timely manner and to the correct standard even when faced with skilled technical resourcing issues
  • Valve operations are delivered with step by step instructions to ensure a valve is turned in line with calm network standards by any operative
  • Instant feedback to the user of the app if the valve is being turned incorrectly
  • Immediate visibility in operational control that the valve has been operated and the status of the valve (open, closed or throttled)
  • Valve operations are delivered quickly and efficiently and carried out without any further communications required with operational control

Our Offer

Our offer is open to all UK water companies. If you are an overseas water company please contact us as we can also provide you with support.

We will provide a licence for up to 250 users for the SmartValve™ App and Web App, for an initial 3 month period. We will set up your business, users and assets on our secure, Cloud Hosted, SmartValve Web App and train your operational control team on how to access it, set up valve operations and monitor the results.

Our SmartValve™ App will be a available to download from Google Play or the App Store and once provided with a user account any operational employees, contractors or other partners will be able to use the App to manage and monitor valve operations.

Our team will provide training for both web and mobile users online. Training will be supported by training materials and reference guides. We will also provide ongoing support for the business during the three month period and be on hand for any technical or operational issues which occur. All of this will be provided for the initial three month trial with the option to extend based on the UK coronavirus position.


To discuss how you can take this offer up please contact:

Andrew Talkes, [email protected], +44 7961 507279

Caroline Hurford-Jones, [email protected], +44 7720 899164

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