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Improve Network Performance

Reducing Transients Pressure Waves

In 2016, following a long conversation with a UK Water Company about leakage and manual valve operations, the first concept for SmartValve was sketched on a piece of paper. From the outset the solution was designed to reduce the number of transient pressure waves created on a potable water network by incorrect valve operations.

Our first SmartValve prototype app was tested on Anglian Water’s transient rig to evaluate if we could accurately record the direction, speed and number of turns across a variety of different valves. Once recorded we then had to test how that data could be processed (instantly) and reported via a web application. The process of recording, analysing and reporting on the valve turn data was fundamental if SmartValve was going to succeed as a commercially viable product.

During the next 20 months we were fortunate to continue our development cycle with the support of Anglian Water’s innovation and operational team. A trial version of SmartValve was field tested by Anglian Water to prove the technological concept. Following feedback and further development a wider field trial was undertaken to evaluate the benefits of the solution under business as usual conditions.

A full evaluation of the Anglian trial including how SmartValve will reduce the number of transient events on a network can be downloaded here.