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People are still the most important part of a Smart Water Network

January 27, 2021

A Smart Water Network is the collection of data-driven components helping to operate the data-less physical layer of pipes, pumps, reservoirs and valves. Water utilities are gradually deploying more data-enabled components. The trick is to make the most of them, by turning the discrete elements into a cohesive ‘overlay network’.

Whilst the technology and the data are leading the way the most important part of the Smart Water Network is the ability of people to act on the information provided and adjust day to day operations. Our strategy at SmartValve is to put information and guidance in the hands of the Technicians who are managing the network. Adapting behaviours and improving efficiency are critical as resource pressures continue to build in an ever changing and complex environment. To keep the network calm Technicians need more time and more support, SmartValve enables this through more efficient and effective management of many standard network operations and events such as valve ops, flushing, valve checks, shut downs and recharge.

To a see how SmartValve sits at the heart of a Smart Water Network please contact us for a demo.