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The benefits of implementing SmartValve, from operational excellence to strategic data analysis.

February 22, 2021

SmartValve Solves a Common Issue for all Water Companies

You would expect “what are the benefits of SmartValve?” to be a really common question, but in our experience it is very rarely asked until much later in our client engagement. We have a unique solution which solves one simple common issue in the water sector. Clients and prospects understand this and how SmartValve solves it.

SmartValve manages and monitors all manual valve operations, ensuring they are carried out in a calm networks manner. This reduces the likelihood of creating transient pressure waves in the network which are a known source of leaks, bursts and water discolouration.  But that’s far from the end of the benefits story…

What Else Does SmartValve Offer?
Benefit 1 – You can trial our software anywhere in the world

We have a tried and tested process for a water company to trial our solution, report on the results and build the business case for full implementation. Our secure hosted trial services are available to all water companies, large or small.

Benefit 2 – You can implement our software on premise or via the Cloud

Any client can choose to host our software on premise or have it externally hosted and managed via Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. This flexibility provides maximum value for clients of different sizes and digital transformation readiness.

Benefit 3 – You can integrate the data collected in SmartValve with other applications

A common first integration is with GIS so every valve movement and current status can be visualised in real-time. This means planned and reactive works are based from a live state which leads to better decision making and less impact on the network and customers. Other integrations include Works Management such as SAP and Pressure Management systems.

Benefit 4 – SmartValve is modular so clients can benefit from additional functionality as and when it’s appropriate to do so

Once the base licence for SmartValve is purchased clients can choose additional modules which bring more benefits, such as setting up reactive grouped operations in the App or extending the location accuracy of assets using our Trimble Catalyst integration. With new modules coming out every quarter the operational scope of SmartValve keeps getting bigger.

Benefit 5 – SmartValve collects data which contributes to a live hydraulic model or “Digital Twin”

With SmartValve’s direct integration with GIS the data collected live can be used in other GIS related services such as hydraulic modelling software working within  ArcGIS or other GIS solutions. SmartValve provides data in real-time so all GIS valve statuses will be up to date and any live models produced or emergencies being dealt with will have the latest accurate data.

Benefit 6 – SmartValve will have an immediate impact on your water network and Return on Investment (ROI) is easy to demonstrate

As soon as you start monitoring valve operations the behaviour of Technicians changes. Every turn is monitored against an agreed calm network standard and any anomalies flagged automatically. From this base the reduction in leaks, bursts and water discolouration can be measured on a DMA by DMA basis. This can be further enhanced by the calm network turn data from SmartValve being augmented with high frequency pressure logger data to prove the calm network turn profiles are not creating transient pressure waves in the network.

Benefit 7 – SmartValve supports the work of the Technicians, freeing up time and allowing them to focus on customer related work

SmartValve’s strategy is to become the “go to” App for the Technicians. With more operational types coming on stream such a valve checks and risk assessments our custom workflows can match any requirement from any Water Company. In providing information, data and process guidance to the Technicians SmartValve positively supports day to day operations, planned, reactive and emergency works.

If you would like to find out more about SmartValve, please contact us for an online demonstration.