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Would full and immediate visibility of every  operation be useful for your Water Company?

  • When was the valve, hydrant or asset operated?
  • How was it operated?
  • What job is it linked to?
  • Is the asset information up-to-date?
  • Has the valve been returned to its original position?

SmartValve is already proving this information to Water Companies and we can do the same for you.

September 2023 marks the third anniversary of SmartValve’s launch, and it brings a pivotal moment for our business as we introduce version 3.0 of our patented software. We are thrilled to announce that SmartValve 3.0 will be available in the App Store and Google Play on the 28th November 2023. With its advanced capabilities and innovative features, this latest version of SmartValve sets a new standard in network management, addressing the needs of water companies worldwide.

What sets SmartValve apart from any other product in the market is its ability to deliver consistent and accurate real-time visibility of operations on both clean and wastewater networks. Our integrated approach, managed and monitored by SmartValve, ensures that you have complete control and access to critical data.

SmartValve is not just another data collection app or a complex form-based web application. It is a fully integrated network management tool that empowers your workforce to view and execute your preferred operational workflows seamlessly. From flushes and mains isolations to line stops, PRV checks, and Air Valve Surveys, SmartValve provides an intuitive mobile app along with a web app, APIs, and webhooks, enabling seamless integration with your line of business applications such as SAP, GIS, Salesforce, and Oracle.


Proven, Reliable & Scalable

SmartValve is already delivering tangible benefits to Water Companies. We have a proven business case which has a positive impact on key performance indicators. You can start with the basics and then scale with our customisable and flexible delivery framework.

Built for Technicians

SmartValve was built specifically to support Technicians. Helping them access live data, streamlining processes and allowing them to make better decisions and protect the Network. Empowering your Teams in this way will bring additional benefits over and above what SmartValve technically delivers. We will continue to work closely with Technicians, listening to their feedback and incorporating their ideas into the App.

Easy to use

SmartValve has lots of complex functionality but our App is very easy to use. Our latest version organises your valve, hydrant and washout operations into Jobs (subject to integration), so no more double entry and updating different systems. SmartValve takes care of it automatically.

No other solution can deliver what SmartValve delivers

We are unique, with patent-pending process enhancing technology, a simple and easy to use App, which integrates with core business systems such as GIS, SAP, SalesForce, Oracle and countless Works Management Systems.

Improve Water Quality

Transients (water hammer) are a well knows cause of water discoloration SmartValve’s dynamic operation monitoring means less chance of creating a transient pressure surge (water hammer), when operating a valve.

Reduce Leaks and Bursts

Transient pressure surges are bad of the network and a known contributing factor of major bursts and leaks. SmartValve guides the operator on how to turn every valve on the network based on live information.

Reduce Supply Interruptions

SmartValve records every valve, hydrant and washout operation. It also records additional process and / or asset data during the job being completed. Share this data in real-time to help react to and plan for Interruptions to Supply

UK Water Companies, we are ready to go

SmartValve is already delivering benefits for UK Water Companies. We have an open offer of 3 to 6 month trials for any UK Water Company. This can be set-up and ready to go within a matter of days. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Special Offer for US Water Companies

If you are a US Water Company, we have 5 free pilot projects available. We will deliver a fully hosted SaaS solution for 3-6 months so you can assess the benefits in a risk free environment. It may be a simple implementation so you can record when a valve or hydrant has been operated or a specific operation type such as flushing which you wish to monitor. To apply please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

Rest of the world

If you work for a water company and think you’d benefit from implementing SmartValve then please do get in touch. We can set up a pilot project in a matter of days AND deliver it in your native language (with a little help from yourselves!). We have a number of different delivery models available from self-hosting to SaaS and different contract lengths to suit your local circumstances.

An essential tool for managing your water network

SmartValve can be implemented across all your network operations or, if you want to start small, simply used to collect data when a valve or hydrant has been operated. SmartValve collects and send data in real-time and with our integration add ons can be shared with systems such as GIS, SAP, SalesForce or Oracle.

"The SmartValve App delivers all the data I need to make quick and accurate decisions when out managing the network".

– D, Pinner, Network Technician

Ready to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about SmartValve, book a demo, arrange a meeting or a video call, then please fill in the short form below. One of our team will be in touch to arrange it with you. If you can’t wait the please call Andrew on +44 (0)7961 507279 or email [email protected]

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